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Reply To: How-to setup Firefly on a Synology disk station (powerpc)



@cstern wrote:

@Jimmy Carter wrote:

Is there a reason why I need to use the latest nightly build? I’m having some issues with it, and wonder if it’ll be a good idea to use the latest stable build instead.

At least the Pinnacle M1001 (which I have) will not work with the stable release. I don’t know which other incompatibilities (if any) there is.

I’m only interested in using the iTunes Server functionality to replace Synology’s default iTunes Server which doesn’t parse song numbers. Any experience with this?

And since I’m kind of shaky with everything Linux-related, can you reassure me that the way to reinstall another version of firefly is to simply follow your guide from step 5 using a different build instead? Or would I need to somehow remove the build I’ve installed first?

By the way, thanks for answering my questions and writing the guide in the first place 🙂 Much appreciated.