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@glaserd_prof wrote:

A million apologies if this question has been hammered to death but I’ll claim the truth and state that I’m a rather new convert to FireFly and haven’t found anything in the forums regarding the topic…but I’m dying for a sort by “Year” capability on my Soundbridge(s).

Can someone let me know if there’s a “Year” sort coming in the future or if it’s available via some other means? It’s the only only only thread that keeps me looking at my hosed Twonky installation; I miss the ability to cue tracks by a particular Year and it kills me to look at Twonky’s double entries, erroneous Track Lengths, etc etc etc just to get a sort/selection by Year.

Thanks for any input.

By the way I’m running 1.0 svn-1696 flawlessly on WinXP SP2…it runs for weeks (yes that’s plural) without negative issues. I’m getting the guts to load it onto one of my MMS+ drives but I’ve got some other items taking priority. Thanks again in advance.

I’m working on the playlist stuff right now, and that’s one of the features that will drop out.

Soon, I tell you, soon.

– Ron