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Reply To: Can’t play FLAC or OGG transcode but can play MP3



Firefly has two ways of transcoding music.

@ wrote:

There are two different sample transcode scripts in the /contrib directory. One is called, and the other

The script transcodes the following formats: ogg and flac. It isn’t much, but the advantage of this script is that it is easily adaptable to other more exotic formats.

The other transcode script,, is more featureful, and transcodes just about everything: flac, aac, ogg, shn, au, apple lossless, etc. It (of course) requires perl, mplayer, ffmpeg, and alac-decoder depending on what types of media you are trying to transcode. This one makes more sense if you have a machine that can run it. It’s not as easily hackable as the .sh one.

It appears that the two builds have been set to use different transcoding methods