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Reply To: Can’t play FLAC or OGG transcode but can play MP3



I have had a very similar situation with my new install of svn-1696. I have it working on one old machine (Pentium II), but cannot get it to work for flacs on my new machine (AMD64). I enabled level 9 debugging on the logs and noticed a difference:

Functioning machine:

Transcoding 05 Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business (live).flac with ssc-ffmpeg/svn-1696

Non-functioning machine:

Transcoding 01 Johnny Don't Do It.flac with ssc-script/svn-1696
Executing /etc/mt-daapd-ssc-script "01 Johnny Don't Do It.flac" 0 218.720 "flac"

So, just for testing I moved away my ssc-script files and made soft links to the ssc-ffmpeg-equivalents instead:

cd /usr/lib/mt-daapd/plugins/
mv ssc-script.* ~/.
ln -s ssc-ffmpeg.a ssc-script.a && ln -s && ln -s

And it works. Of course this is no solution, but maybe can give a hint on what is wrong. Why are different scripts called with the same software. I’m pretty sure the compile flags are equivalent because I’m looking at the gentoo package output and the same USE-flags are enabled.