Reply To: Startup from Command line possible?


punkassjim –

I think you and I are working on the same problem – namely using Firefly ported to the iPhone and then attempting to use iToggle (or similar services app) to turn music sharing on & off.

Here’s the trouble –

iToggle basically runs & kill processes rather than loads & unloads plists.
The Firefly server doesn’t seem to run the mt-daapd process exept when the music is actually streaming. Turning it on ahead of time (as I’m sure you’re finding out) does nothing. If iToggle would allow users to define ON process & an OFF process separately we’d be fine since iToggle can point to a shell script if needed.

I altered Erica’s doShell app to load & unload the Firefly server. It’s not as elegant as having it attached to iToggle or Services but it works as a one button app. I’d be happy to send it to you if you want.

Let me know – along with ANY progress please!