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@punkassjim wrote:

He’s running it on the iPhone, like the thread of mine that you just answered (thank you!).

The -x argument is included in the iPhone port’s .plist file, which is loaded into launchctl on machine startup.



Sadly, the guy who ported it doesn’t seem to have published any documentation. Could you point us to some documentation for what arguments are valid? Sorry, I’m semi-novice at open-source software.

printf("Usage: %s [options]nn",program);
printf(" -a Set cwd to app dir before startingn");
printf(" -d Debuglevel (0-9)n");
printf(" -D Debug modulesn");
printf(" -m Disable mDNSn");
printf(" -c Use configfile specifiedn");
printf(" -P Write the PID ot specified filen");
printf(" -f Run in foregroundn");
printf(" -y Yes, go ahead and run as non-root usern");
printf(" -b ffid to be broadcastn");
printf(" -V Display version informationn");
printf(" -k Kill a running daemon (based on pidfile)n");
printf("Valid debug modules:n");
printf(" config,webserver,database,scan,query,index,browsen");
printf(" playlist,art,daap,main,rend,miscn");

It should start like the launchd plist says.

As far as the listening socket error, that isn’t in my code. That’s something added or changed by the porter.

The porter is required to publish at least diffs of what he changed though, if he’s offering it for distribution. Ask him if he can send you the diffs.

That might be enlightening.

Try without the -x. I don’t know what that does, anyway. 🙂