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@michi4004 wrote:


i have installed the firefly media server on my touch.

i can find the ipod in my itunes, it’s called ‘shared music with’ and the name of my ipod.

but how can i play music in itunes from my ipod, for example skip to the next title, or to the last?

do i have to install some programs on my computer?

thanks for your help


Right now, there isn’t a client for the iPhone that speaks daap (or rsp). Someone has given me some skeleon obj-c classes for it, but he didn’t want me to add it to the project yet, he’s moving it rsp instead of daap.

Once that’s done, I’ll make that available, and it should be fairly easy to make a rsp client for the iphone. I might even take a stab at it myself.

Who knows.

But right now, it isn’t there.

— Ron