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I’ve been trying to get iTunes playlists to stream to my Roku Soundbridge via Firefly 1673 on an NAS. Firefly is running on a Maxtor MSS+, and everything works except the iTunes playlists.

Trying to follow your directions, I set both the Music Folder and Playlist File to /shares/mss-hdd/Compaq_Owner/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/.

No luck.

Can you describe your setup in more detail? iTunes 7.5 is installed on my Win XP PC, and Firefly is installed and running on the NAS. I moved all of my music filed to the NAS, pointed the iTunes music folder to the NAS, and exported a copy of the library.xml file to the same folder on the NAS. Firefly is set to process playlists and iTunes files.

Any suggestions appreciated.