Reply To: How to deinstall Firefly Mediaserver on touch?


@flasher wrote:

and which files to delete (with mobile finder)? pls tell me somebody, because it’s not working and after x-hours of finding out why i just wanna have this lovely app gone from my touch because it’s just using battery power.

pls, somebody help me.

I’m assuming that’s the ipod touch. I don’t actually have anything to do with the port to the ipod. In actual point of fact, I don’t know what the iphone/ipod touch file system even looks like, so I’m not sure what to tell you except maybe to contact the person that ported the app.

Failing that, there are a bunch of libraries and stuff that are probably installed that you don’t need, but the bottom line is that if you find a file called “mt-daapd” and delete it, it will probably stop running.

Don’t know where it might be though. If there is an “/opt” directory on your device, “/opt/sbin” might be a good place to look.

— Ron