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Reply To: svn-1696 on NSLU2 crashes when I have it start a scan



OK, I tried this but now Firefly will not start. The error log is as follows:

2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Firefly Version svn-1696: Starting with debuglevel 2
2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Plugin loaded: ssc-script/svn-1696
2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Plugin loaded: rsp/svn-1696
2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Plugin loaded: daap/svn-1696
2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Starting rendezvous daemon
2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Starting signal handler
2007-12-02 09:48:18 (3001f380): Error opening db: No backend database support for type: sqlite3

Note that I tried switching to Sqlite3 via the web interface a couple of days ago and could not start Firefly so this time I assumed that I did not have sqlite3 installed and had to:

“apt-get install sqlite3” before I followed your instructions and did the install of sqlite3 first. I assume that I have to install something else because of the “Error opening db: No backend database support for type: sqlite3”? I did modify the config file specifying sqlite3 as the default database after your instructions but before trying to start Firefly.