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Reply To: OS X Leopard – Firefly Won’t Complete Starting..



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Do you have this fix in yet? My Soundbridges don’t even see Firefly even though it’s “running.”


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@na9d wrote:

@rpedde wrote:

I think I’ve got the fix in svn. At least, it’s working on mine now. Hopefully next version will be good.

– Ron

When will it make it to the “nightlies” site?

As soon as it compiles again. I’ve broke it a bit working on playlists… Hoped to have it done by the weekend, but not quite there yet.

Well, sorta. I mean it’s in svn, and works, but I’m still working on the database.

It’s running, but dang, it needs some optimization. And I was really hoping that the memory based playlists would be a lot faster. Turns out not so much. :/