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@roydonaldson wrote:

Hi there,

Been playing with Firefly on a windows home server I’ve built and it’s fabulous ! Thank you very much for putting this together.

Guess I’m going to come up with a number of suggestions/changes.

First one I found was that the default scan time was 10 mins (600 secs). This meant my WHS was scanning the music directory all the time. I’ve gone and reset this up to 16 hours (60000 secs) to let my HDD spin down overnight etc.

Would it be possible to change this value up to this in the default for the installer ?


Yeah, but the issue isn’t what’s right, it’s what generates the least amount of support requirement. I turn autoindexing off, because it’s lame. I know when I add music, and that’s the only time I want to scan. Otherwise, I’m just stealing CPU time from myself, and I don’t want that.

So I just flat turn it off.

But if I shipped it that way, then I’d get dozens of “my server doesn’t see my newly added music” reports on the forum, and I’d be buried.

So, although I don’t like the default settings, they are defensive. Those folks (like yourself) that are aware of how their machines work are:

1. Much rarer
2. Usually prone to finding the solution themselves.

So yeah, I agree, the default is bad. But I can’t change it. 🙁

The *real* solution is to hook up fschange events, and scan individual files as they are added. But that’s a ways off.

— Ron