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Hi all please read this one, as it may be my last chance to find a solution

Osik, Can confirm that if I connect to itunes (firefly off) I get exactly the same result.

I am hoping for comments from anyone here if you can help:

I have realised that if I switch on the Soundbridge with wireless connection to the Belkin Range Extender and then start firefly or itunes, the Soundbridge does not register that they are there. They have to be there when the Soundbridge is restarted, so even if I have firefly active on the network before I switch on the Soundbridge it doesn’t pick it up.

Likewise, having connected to a music library, if I stop Firefly or close itunes, the Soundbridge still thinks they are there and lets me choose them and then says “Connection to server failed”. This means that regardless of if the library is active or not, the Soundbridge is not interacting with it through the Belkin, except when I do a restart.

However, move the Soundbridge to a wireless connection through the router and the Soundbridge instantly updates its screen when firefly or itunes is switched on or off.

From this I deduce that the restart initialises the connection to the library, (firefly or itunes) and then is happy to play its contents, but the link is one way (from the library to the Soundbridge). The guess is that at a point some 70 minutes after the connection the Soundbridge must re-check for the presence of the library and not being able to get confirmation that it is still there, brings back the message that the library has shut down.

I now need someone to confirm this thinking, and I need a wireless expert to help me figure out why after the restart the Soundbridge-belkin-router-mac connection is lost, when we know we have a mac-router-belkin-Soundbridge connection (the route the music files are taking) and that the Soundbridge-belkin-router connection is still there (because we still have an internet radio link).

What does the Soundbridge restart do, that the rest of the software can’t?
Is the break in connection between the router and the mac or does the link from the Soundbridge to the internet differ in any way to the link from the Soundbridge to the library.

And finally a question for [email protected] if you are still reading this. As you have the same belkin Range Extender as me, any chance you could either post or Private message me with all the settings on your belkin, it may be a longshot with us having different routers, but it would be helpful to compare with mine.

I do appreciate your continued help and support.