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I use a Belkin F5D7132uk with WPA-PSK encryption to extend the range of my Speedtouch 780WL and it doesn’t drop the connection.

The only modification I made was to use a higher gain antenna instead of the one supplied.

SoundBridge is running software version 3.0.44
Signal Quality: 99
Signal Level: -46dBm

Hi [email protected]
Thanks for confirming that it isn’t just a Belkin quirk. The strange thing is that the Belkin is receiving a strong signal from the router, so don’t really need to improve that signal, and the Soundbridge is receiving a strong signal from the Belkin. It doesn’t actually loose the connection, that is still there, I can immediatly connect to internet radio and can see the wireless signal in config. It seems to think that the library has closed, but the firefly log shows no activity after serving the last track that was playing.

Hi Osik

I will try a test with itunes, cutting out the firefly option, but if I prove it isn’t firefly I guess I can’t continue to post on this forum!