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@Duffledorf wrote:

I wasn’t aware of that, and it certainly would make sense. I guess the easy way to test it, is to turn off all security for a couple of hours and see if it makes a difference. I will try this and report back.

Hi Osik
Have tried switching off the security on both the router and the belkin, but it made absolutly no difference, so not an encryption key change, as it still does it without one! 😥

@Osik wrote:

but i’m not really sure. fact is your belkin is misconfigured somehow. don’t have to be your error, could be a mistake by belkin.

Have also had another look through all the settings both on the BT Hub and the Belkin and can’t find any settings that could be doing this, and nothing that helps with port forwarding also.

The message I am getting briefly before I loose the library, is that the library shut down, which still makes me think firefly, but what could firefly do to the belkin but not do for a router connection?

Duff 😥