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Hi Osik
Thanks for the response,
@Osik wrote:

now i would say, and i remember somehow, that wpa encryption changes the keys every 60 minutes but save the before used key for further 10 minutes. if your soundbridge doesn’t renew the key it disconnects after 70 minutes.

I wasn’t aware of that, and it certainly would make sense. I guess the easy way to test it, is to turn off all security for a couple of hours and see if it makes a difference. I will try this and report back.

@Osik wrote:

but i’m not really sure. fact is your belkin is misconfigured somehow. don’t have to be your error, could be a mistake by belkin.

hmmm, probably my error, I dread going near the Belkin, it is a nightmare to set up and while the manual seems to make sense, when trying to apply it I find that it isn’t specific enough and open to interpretation. I guess if the test proves it is a security issue then I need to get in there again and have a play. (or bin it and buy the linksys recommended by fizze 🙂 )

Cheers for help so far.