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@Osik wrote:

Hi Duff,

are there any chances to connect with another device (notebook eg.) using your range extender to your music library. is there also a timeout after 70 minutes? this is just to verify that its not your soundbridge.

What happen when you test your soundbridge without the range extender but next to your router?



Hi Osik
I currently only have my Mac set up with Firefly, I could set up my pc as well (will there be any conflicts if both run at same time?). Or are you saying it would be best to try my laptop running a library connected wirelessly to the Belkin (ie taking the router out of the equation)?

If I move the soundbridge into the room where the router is (BT Hub) it runs without problem, had running 9 -10 hours without issue.

@fizze wrote:

Well, those belkin devices are inferiour. I guess that getting another device is out of the question, but just for kicks, the Linksys WRT54 family products can work as router, WLAN access point, wireless range extender, etc. all in one. Im using a bunch of those in my home network without a hitch. 🙂

70 minutes seems weirdish. IF the Belkin would swallow multicasts/anycasts then the soundbridge wouldnt see firefly at all. Can’t be an inactivity timeout either, since you can stream for 70 minutes without a problem, right?

Sure would be nice to tap into that network and see what packages disappear after 70 minutes….

Does the belkin have some sort of firewall / filtering enabled?

Hi fizze

If I knew for certain it was the Belkin, I would replace it, but would be a little POed if I still had the problem after laying out more cash. Do you have any suggestions regarding ‘tapping into the network’ to identify what is happening.

The belkin just emulates the router, it would be really great if you could have a quick look at the user guide and see if you think I have missed anything.