Reply To: Port forwarding advice please


@Osik wrote:

You are connecting to your soundbridge using the range extender -> bt hub -> soundbridge? Are all these devices connecting wirelessly each other?


The BT Hub is the router, connected to the dsl input, and ethernet connected to my Mac, PC and Network Printer. The Hub also suppliers the wireless signal around the house, but due to the location, I require the signal to be boosted to reach the back of the house, where the soundbridge is located, hence the Belkin Rage Extender which provides a wireless bridge between the Hub and the Soundbridge.

The issue is very precise, loosing connection to firefly after 1hr 10mins, but still having a connection to the network and internet radio. I get exactly the same scenario if I ethernet cable the Soundbridge to the Belkin. However, the Soundbridge has no problem playing for hours when wirelessly connected directly to the Hub (eg take the Belkin out of the equation.

It is the precision of the problem that makes me belive there is a setting somewhere that is causing this, but where? 😕