Reply To: Which Linux for a newbie???


@fizze wrote:

Debian is always quite nice, and since Ubuntu came so popular, finding packages isn’t a problem. (Ubuntu is just a special flavour of Debian)

Thanks – I shall look further in that direction.

@fizze wrote:

The upside is you could still use Gnome as a GUI (prolly remote/over the network) if you feel like it, but of course everything can be done on the console as well.
I guess though, that especially if you are new to Linux, an X-Window system comes in handy.

Sure – that’s an upside, but also maybe a downside I think. I have tried in the past and all the clever UI stuff tends to get in the way of trying to figure out how things work and how to change things.

From my side the problem is that the distros I have seen in the past seem to be stuffed full of things that I neither want nor understand.

I’d really like to install just the OS, then drivers as needed, then the apps that I need and leave it at that. But I guess I just need to get further up the learning curve.