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Reply To: Use 1586 or 1696, nothing in between




First a huge thanks to Ron for developing this great software, and others for an active community here.

Thanks to the clear instructions here, I was able to get Firefly up and running quite easily on my Synology DS-106j NAS.

I started with build 1696, but found that it crashed the server whenever I tried to load a large playlist from my Roku Soundbridge. I dropped back to 1586, and it seems to be working OK now. With this version, it still won’t load the large (~9000 songs) playlist (says “Failed to get songs”), but it doesn’t kill the server, and I can go on to other playlists, etc.

The DS-106j only has 32MB of RAM, so maybe it’s more sensitive to memory issues than some other boxes are.

Thanks again!