Reply To: svn-1696 scanning (or not) Library.xml


@per99 wrote:

2007-11-05 15:34:10 (00004000): About to scan /volume1/music/MP3/fra Jannis/Di
.(that’s it !!?? – the /music/MP3/Library.xml file is never really scanned).

They have to be called “iTunes Music Library”, or “iTunes Library”, to avoid trying to scan arbitrary xml files as iTunes files and slowing the thing down.

2007-11-05 15:34:10 (00004000): Translating file://localhost//Diskstation/music/MP3/ Vangelis – The Best Of Jon & Vangelis/09 – I Hear You Now.mp3, base /volume1/music/iTunes 1/iTunes Library.xml

(not sure what this means, the ‘local’ iTunes library base is /music/itunes1, but the actual music is at /music/MP3)

Then the xml file has to be in /music/MP3, not in /volume1/music.

It can’t tell what E: on your workstation corresponds to. The only guess it can make is that E: is somewhere above where the xml file itself sits. Which is what it’s trying to do… figure out where the share point is relative to where the xml file sits. If the share point isn’t above the file, then it won’t succeed.

Bottom line: put the xml file somewhere under the share that you have connected for your iTunes library.

— Ron