Reply To: svn-1696 FreeBSD "plugins/plugin_dir not specified&quot


hi ron,

i set the following configure flags:

./configure –enable-sqlite3 –with-id3tag=/usr/local –enable-oggvorbis –enable-flac –enable-upnp –enable-musepack

so upnpsupport is already builtin. After that I configured it that way:

./configure –enable-sqlite3 –with-id3tag=/usr/local

But this produces the same error.

A friend of mine is testing, building and installing svn-1696 on an x86_64 freebsd 7.0 asap. usually he uses svn-1696 on an x86 freebsd 7.0 without having such trouble. i hope i can reply as soon as possible if he also gets this error.