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It is a Windoze box, but it’s a server (Win Server 2003) without a virus scanner running. Haven’t had a problem like this up to now with any of the older nightlies (but then I haven’t upgraded in a long while).

Have just moved the iTunes files from the local machine to a NAS (Terastation Live where I’m hoping to migrate Firefly to at some point soon so I can retire the server) but otherwise that’s the only change.

I remember you commenting on the Sqllite 3 “moving target” previously. Glad to hear it’s settling. That I didn’t know shows how stable my 14xx has been!

Did some more testing last night/today. Turned off scanning last night and then started Firefly and left it overnight without connecting. It burned hard on the startup scan generating loads of Updating Playlist messages. This morning I connected and it played 2 songs before dying like this.

2007-11-18 19:35:56 (d374dfdb): Updating playlists
2007-11-18 19:35:57 (d374dfdb): Updating playlists
2007-11-18 19:36:02 (d374dfdb): Updating playlists
2007-11-18 19:36:12 (d374dfdb): Scanned 14959 songs (was 14959) in 452 seconds
2007-11-19 10:25:00 (e015e054): Session 0: Streaming file '01 Silver Lining.m4a' to (offset 0)
2007-11-19 10:28:21 (e016f916): Session 0: Streaming file '02 Close Call.m4a' to (offset 0)
2007-11-19 10:29:10 (d374dfdb): Rescanning database
2007-11-19 10:29:11 (d374dfdb): Starting playlist scan
2007-11-19 10:33:16 (5e28b214): Error: enum_begin failed (error 1): Misc SQL Error: database is locked

It looks like it’s bumping into itself when trying to get a new song while scanning’s taking place. Seems pretty reproducible. Would a level 9 dump help?