Reply To: 1696 caused 100% CPU usage on XP SP2


@redbeard wrote:

I just want to confirm that I have this same 100% CPU issue. I can’t really pinpoint when it happens; obviously I get high CPU usage when other people connect and it starts transcoding FLAC stuff, but even when no one is connected and listening to music, it still bumps up to max CPU usage (on both cores). Since it’s hard to pinpoint when it happens, and I’m not always paying attention to my server, I’ll often come back hours later and it will be at 100% and I won’t be sure why.

Might be the same thing — a client disconnecting in the middle of a song, and it keeps trying to pump data at it.

At least, that’s what seems likely now. I just re-installed my laptop with Leopard (from scratch), so don’t have a windows dev vm up yet, hope to tonight or tomorrow, and then I’ll be able to take a closer look at this.

— Ron