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@arkid77 wrote:


just to say, after install I experienced this. The service had been shut down and started a few times and I then left the server running and tested it from a few different clients.

I think the problem could have been caused due to the loss of network connection that the server experienced while it was serving. It automatically recovered when the network came back but then seemed to exhibit this effect. After a service restart some hours later, it initially peaked at 100% again but went down to a normal level.

This may be of no help… but if you want any more info let me know.

Btw, this was my first install of the software ever so there was no upgrade issues here.


The initial file scan is pretty cpu intensive, so that’s probably what that was.

As far as it going to 100% when the network connection dies, that’s interesting… I might not be detecting a closed connection well, and might be trying to continue to push data through the closed socket. I’ll see if I can replicate this by unplugging a nic while streaming.

— Ron