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@pedxing wrote:

FYI, I’ve been having more weird problems with Unslung and finally got fed up with its idiosyncrasies. Just not worth it since I’m not even using the web interface…

So I’m trying out SlugOS/BE, the artist formerly known as OpenSlug. I thought Debian would be a bit heavy for this little machine (especially RAM-wise) so this looked like the best option.

It was super easy to get it running. Almost TOO easy…

First, I added the firefly nightlies to ipkg:

echo "src firefly" > /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf

Then I added optware:

echo "src optware" > /etc/ipkg/optware.conf

Then I just did an ipkg update and ipkg install mt-daapd and Bob’s your uncle! All the dependencies just installed and everything’s working!

So now I’m worried that something isn’t going to work long-run. But it’s working fine now.

The only issue is that openslug seems to lag pretty far behind unslung.

As far as debian, that’s what I’m running on two of my slugs. One be, one le. Works fine. Have dnsmask, a web server + php, samba, kernel-nfs-server, mt-daapd, and some other little stuff running on one. Seems to go okay. Not the fastest device in the world, but works great for what it is.