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Hi all,

Im totally new with FireFly, FirePlay and all of that.
one thing I can say right out of the box that FirePlay seems to be a really good Player(web-based).

So, as there is such a high demand of contribution and questions it gets kidna crowded in this thread, as also mentioned above.
Before I post my question Id like you, the Site-Admin or whoever, to considere maybe settin up a sub-forum for FirePlay-Support, so its easier to answer questions.

Ive set up Firefly successfuly on a Ubuntu server.
It streams nicely to my Rhythmbox client and also Fireplay seems to work fine. UNTIL: I try to access the Server from outside my network, via DynDNS or external IP. It seems that everytime I access the FirePlay.html FireFly seems to crash! This doesnt happen from the local-network though!

So Id love to hear from you guys what to do about it, or if it isnt possible at all.
Furthermore I have one request: Would it be possible to either move the Fireplay.html to another directory or change the Access-REstriction to it, since I dont want people I might share music with to have access to config.html but still access FirePlay.html.

I saw there was a request on using another port, that might be overkill, but eg. a running Webserver would do great serving the html file wouldnt it?
My guess!

Keep up the good work!