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OK …

I have firefly working successfully with iTunes … But no matter what I do, I’m unable to get FirePlay 0.89 to connect.

http://server:3689/ gets me to web admin pages …
http://server:3689/FirePlay.html and
http://fireplay/index.html both bring up the Fireplay.swf…

However, no matter what machine (3 different XP machines) running IE7 / Firefox 3 / Opera 9.6 with flash10 installed, I’m unable to get it to do more than sit there saying “Connecting to http://server:3689” … Even the machine that has iTunes installed, and is playing music from the server is unable to get fireplay working …

I realise the answer is somewhere in the previous 56 pages, but it’s a little much to look through… Can someone help me PLEASE? 🙂

(as a minor nuisance, how do I get Fireplay to not request the admin login details when being run from outside the admin area?)