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Giday EH!

I hope I have not missed the answer to this question.

how do you set the host and port settings in FirePlay.html

'movie', 'FirePlay?host=&port=&preventdownload=0',

The syntax I mean?

I tried ?host=92.168.x.xx=&port=3689=&preventdownload=0 in all 3 places and it looks like it is connected but is not.

If you use ?′ it goes to

I am trying to connect to the Firefly server (Ubutu 8.10) from the out side. 😀

internet —- Wireless Router—Building lan

Wireless bridge—Wired Router—Testing Lan with server

I am on the Buildihg lan connected by Wi-Fi and the FireFly Server is behind a router that connects to the building lan via Wi-Fi, the server has a static IP.

It works on the (Test Lan) and the (Building Lan) in the if I put it in /admin-root directory with out changes to the file, but I get an admin prompt.

I would like to run it on apache as http://serveraddress/fireplay/FirePlay.html and not have the Admin prompt, so others on the building lan can use it.

I tried doing it this way because I could not get itunes to connect and display the Play lists,
iTunes claimed to be connected and I get a user name prompt, the server does not show in Itunes so I think I am missing a router setting.
I did not configure the play password – what is the play users name any way?

Any way Can any one help me with FirePlay?

Thank You!