Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


I first got Fireplay working about this time last year on a WDMBWE. That system died and I’m trying to get it working again on a new linux PC but I’m having a weird problem. I have Firefly installed and running correctly on I’ve copied the four FirePlay files into the admin-root folder and edited FirePlay.html to include the servers IP and port number. However when I browse to I get a completely blank page and the mt-daapd process dies and has to be restarted. Its 0.89 FirePlay and 1696 Firefly on Ubuntu Server 8.04.

[Update: Hmm. The problem seems to be related to how I login when I edit the config files. It works when I’ve edited the config files via SSH or when logged in locally, but fails when I edit them remotely via Webmin.]