Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


Would it be possible in the next version to be able to pass options in the HTML to completely remove the download and “generate playlist” links? The ability to disable the download link is good, but if it is disabled it probably shouldn’t show up, as it then just becomes a temptation to poke around. The playlist generator makes me a bit nervous too. If I understand it, using this would allow someone to use another client to access my music. I have my installation of FirePlay behind a custom login screen (we’re in an educational environment, and the only people who should have access are students taking certain classes) and if one were to generate a playlist then they could pass it on to others who shouldn’t have access.

Personally, I second the idea of getting rid of the playlist pane as well (or be able to hide it). On my installation it is redundant because my playlists are all based on genre, so you see two panes that look almost the same. That may be just me though.

Thanks. This little app saved me a lot of time.