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*** Sorry all, I fixed the zip files, should be accessible now.

And – Yes, I CAN use Fireplay local, CANT use it remote, and CAN use the Java applet local AND remote.

– – – 8< – – –

First, lemme say I *love* FirePlay–I just wanna be able to love it from work, lol.

I have gone through the other posts, and nothing seems to help me with figuring out why I can only get FirePlay to work within my network at home. Trying to stream music from work just gives a “Connecting to:; message forever.

I’ve included links to a screen shot and my files for examples: – Screen shot. – My fireplay.html file. – My mt-daapd.conf file.

To clarify though, I *can* play music from work via the applet.html Java page that’s still included with FireFly on both ports 256 and 512, as well as with another (I realize totally different) streaming server Edna (again on ports 256 and 512, it plays at work no problem).

So I am hoping someone will be able to look at this stuff and point out whatever I’m missing.