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To tonzurakoite:

So to clarify:
– Port 256 is used by firefly. (port 512 seems to be ‘something’ else, guess it’s the Edna you mentioned)
– You -can- stream using Fireplay local.
– You -cant- stream using Fireplay remote.
– You -can- stream using the applet remote.

So, you might search for the difference between the applet and fireplay.
Since I don’t know how the applet or fireplay work/connect, I have no idea what could be causing this (most probably) blocked connection.

And I must say, you have some good music. 😉 (I couldnt resist doing a quick check with DaapPlaylistGenerator)

Oh, and I guess “others” dont have execute and/or read access to the archives. I get a ‘Not Authorized’ message.

P.S. Thanks, 10.000 Maniacs sounded great. 🙂