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Bo Mellberg

@gQuigs wrote:

I also use FirePlay on the Wii. Thanks 🙂
Got a few questions..

The setup I would like is such. Using apache to host FirePlay and then still have it automatically connect to the server. Basically I just want people to not have to type in a user name + password to play music. I have it working fine if it’s in the admin-root but not if it’s in /var/www. Any ideas?

Also, I’m not sure how much control you have over this, but can you detect what formats are supported? For instance I think Gnash ( can support more than MP3.

I haven’t tried hosting FirePlay on my apache-dist so I can’t help you there. Someone else here?

The only supported format is mp3, which is a restriction of Flash. Gnash looks interesting though, I’ll take a look at it.