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Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


Bo Mellberg

@sumoallstar wrote:

First of all, thanks for all your hard work Bo. Truly appreciated.

And now the selfish requests 😉

Would it be possible to have a future Fireplay version able to control a Roku using their RCP? There are a few non-flash apps that do this (VisualMR) but they are not Wii friendly. For me (Mii?) this would be killer app worthy!

That application would be a standalone one. I’m not going to integrate that kind of functionality in FirePlay. But it might be more people than you want to control their SoundBridge from within a Flash app. It’ll have to wait though.

@sumoallstar wrote:

A request that should be possible to do – a screensaver option. Once you have some songs queued and playing, have the screen change to black with just the song title and artwork displayed.

This is an interesting feature! Anyone have a layout suggestion for this Play Mode?