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Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly



Hi Bo,

It is working fine!

I have two small suggestions:

1) When saving (downloading) the song – would it be possible to “grab” the artist and song name and construct a file name which reflects what is in the mp3? Instead of calling a song “2364.mp3” a file name like “Weather Report – Birdland.mp3” would be more descriptive. All the info seems to be available (e.g. for creating play lists), so I guess it should be doable without too much trouble.

2) You could add a link to the latest version (not important)

One inconvenience – may not be easy to fix:

The list boxes are strictly alfabetical in the computer-sense. This means that all entries which start with a capital letter precedes any title with a lower case first letter. I.e. Santana comes before abba but after Abba.