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Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


Bo Mellberg

@ColinWH wrote:

Could someone tell me if I need to change anything?
If I run FirePlay in a resized window in IE7 and select a tune with a long title, when that title is displayed across the top, it doesn’t wrap.
The ‘search’box etc is dynamic, ie, moves with the edge of the box, but therefore is overwritten, (well, the title ‘search’ is,) with this long title.

Also, if I select, ‘Generate Playlist, I get a pop-up box with
assuming I have Source set to ‘Library’ and Album set to ‘All’. If, I have same settings, but any one album selected, the pop-up box has about 90 lines of xmlns=.


Hi Colin!

I haven’t had time to implement a scrolling “now playing” but it will come.

I don’t understand your playlist problem. It will only generate a playlist with the items in the songs list. If your songs list is empty, so will the playlist be. You have to populate the songs list with songs by choosing an album (or several), then press “Generate playlist”.