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Bo Mellberg

@iris wrote:

@Bo Mellberg wrote:

Concerning the other browser problems (IE) I have know clue as to why it behaves like that. Does the second “Action canceled” appear even after the allow pop up and browser restart?

Yes. This wasn’t happening with v0.71. The only other thing I can tell you the URL address shows http://:3689/rsp/stream/3496. This has to be invoked when a user selects to download a song as that action generates a pop-up prompting the user to save, open, etc. And, the URL of the second window is the song i.d.?



I’m sorry, I can’t mimic this behaviour. On my IE (which I never use off course) I have Popup blocker on, but I get no windows like you. Also, my default action for the music download is to play them in WMP. Everything works like a charm.