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@Bo Mellberg wrote:

@cstern wrote:

Hi Bo (are you from Sweden?)

Yes, I live in Lund.

Ah, I thought so. I am from Denmark and work at the Tech University of Denmark among others with two Swedish girls from Lund… Nice collegues – one made Lucifer buns for us all today – on the occassion of the Lucia day

@Bo Mellberg wrote:

2) To (perhaps optionally) have the path displayed for the selected tune / album. I don’t know if this is possible at all – but it would make it easier (for me 😀 ) to later find the mp3 etc on the server, so I can copy out the songs to a CD.

Terribly sorry. I have no way of knowing where the songs reside (their paths).

Makes sense – no reason why a media player should need to know the path – could even be a security risk, I guess. Anyway, then ( 😉 ) how about beeing able to make the list I mentioned -but only with with Artist, Song and Album, semicolon delimited?

@Bo Mellberg wrote:

4) I noticed that also e.g. wma files are shown but can not be played. Couldn’t they be marked e.g. by a different background color or text color or something?

They could and others have suggested it. Until then you can make a smart playlist that sorts out only mp3:s.

Good idea – didn’t think of that. On the other hand (still when making my party “tapes”) I would like to see all the available songs. But using Fireplay for its prime purpose it is certanly a workaraound.

@Bo Mellberg wrote:

5) I know others have written this: But an installation guide and release notes would be really nice. I have found out how to install it but new users probably would have questions and with the number of posts in this thread it is a time consuming task to go through everything to find the answers…

I know. Shame on me! Documentation is important but boring.

Perhaps you could just put the needed info in your first post on this thread and ammend as you go by. – when ou have time 🙂

[edit] Oops – I can see that you already did that…