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Hi Bo (are you from Sweden?)

Thanks for your nice program – it is very useful for me for choosing music for for instance party-mixes etc where I can browse my entire collection and listen to samples (or the entire tunes of course).

I have a few suggestions/wishes:

1) To be able to toggle between browsing by Artist-Then-Album and Album-Then-Artist (i.e. to first list all albums, and when one is selected all the corresponding artists are listed in the next window).

2) To (perhaps optionally) have the path displayed for the selected tune / album. I don’t know if this is possible at all – but it would make it easier (for me 😀 ) to later find the mp3 etc on the server, so I can copy out the songs to a CD.

3) In this context it would be really nice if a window (again optionally) could list the songs I have selected over the entire session, with paths and everything (a bit like a play list).

To explain the work flow: a) first select one song, and if I like it to be added to my “shopping list” I could press a button and the path is added to the new window. c) I could continue to do this as long as I like, making the list longer and longer. d) When I am satisfied I can copy the contents of the new window to a text program like notepad and e) go on to find the songs on the server and copy them to a CD. I am sure someone can make a small converter to change the unix paths to path which a file-client can understand.

unix path:
/Volume1/music/Various artists/Xmas/Now Christmas/CD2/Last Christmas.mp3
Windows path:
“X:Various artistsXmasNow CristmasCD2Last Christmas.mp3”
“\DiskStationmusicVarious artistsXmasNow CristmasCD2Last Christmas.mp3”

4) I noticed that also e.g. wma files are shown but can not be played. Couldn’t they be marked e.g. by a different background color or text color or something?

5) I know others have written this: But an installation guide and release notes would be really nice. I have found out how to install it but new users probably would have questions and with the number of posts in this thread it is a time consuming task to go through everything to find the answers…

Again – thanks for a great add-on