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I think it might have embedded artwork 😯

How about id=2736, this one is 2.3mb


the big file has

$taged -v /share/hdd/data/public/mp3/podcasts/ross_20071110-1603.mp3
taged 3.0 (C) Copyright 2002 Martin Hedenfalk. All rights reserved.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY! See COPYING for details.

ross_20071110-1603.mp3 [ID3v2, 64Kbps, 44KHz, 45:49]
(APIC) Attached picture: type: Other
MIME type: image/jpeg
size: 79014 bytes
(COMM) Comments: language: eng
Jonathan Ross chats to Jack Dee about the new series of Lead Balloon. Katherine brings a touch of class to the show and
Jonathan and Andy pitch their business ideas to dragon Duncan Bannatyne.
(TALB) Album/movie/show title: Jonathan Ross
(TIT2) Title/songname/content description: Ross: Jack Dee, Katherine Jenkins, Duncan Bannatyne 10 Nov 07
(TCOP) Copyright message: 2007 (C) BBC 2007
(TCON) Content type: Podcast
(ZOBS) Obsolete frame: TYER
(TPE1) Lead performer(s)/soloist(s): BBC Radio 2
(TDRC) Recording time: 2007