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@gmplague wrote:

Hi, I found this project by googling for Flash DAAP client. Judging by my initial perusal of these forums and other googling, I judge that that is what this player started as.

Can someone explain to me why this only works with firefly and not with all daap servers? I have a daap server running via a RhythmBox plugin in Ubuntu, and while I can access this server via iTunes without a problem, FirePlay just hangs in the ‘connecting’ phase. I’ve tried this from both firefox and the opera browser on wii.

I’d also be just as happy with a non-flash HTML/javascript based implementation, but wouldn’t know where to look.

Any advice here? I’m happy to get my hands dirty with code if that’s what’s necessary.

Hi, you are right. It used to be FlashDAAP. Bo (the developer) made a design decision early on to use RSP instead of DAAP (something to do with querying playlists I believe).