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Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


Bo Mellberg

@wahlis wrote:

I got the headers and they contain UTF-8.

I also noticed another minor issue. I’m currently listening to an Arctic Monkeys live concert which is 1 hour 22 minutes 8 seconds long. The GUI shows the current time correctly for the first hour, the it starts at 0:00 again. The total time (on the right) is displayed as 22:08.

If you would like this file for testing I can’t email it, but I can give you an FTP-account. 😉

Nah, I think I’ll manage to fix it. I haven’t prepared the application for over 1 hour songs 🙂

And yes, my songs are also sorted incorrectly, regarding the “Ã¥” and “ä”. I’ll see what I can do about it. Thanks for the email!