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Another one.
Is there any chance to get FirePlay working without using the admin password?
I want to give my bandmates access to my Libary to have them listen to songs I want to play.

How can I accomplish this without giving them my admin password?
If they find out the URL to the admin pages they could ruin my FireFly setup (not saying they will, but hey, you know what they say about drummers 😉 )

My guess is, if you put it on your normal webserver (apache, cherokee) they will not need the admin password. You need to hard code the server and port into the html. Put the three files in a .htaccess-covered folder on your webserver.

YEP. Works like a charm.
Running on port 80 and no login.
I do have to keep my daap port opened up tho otherwise it will not connect. Is there no way that FirePlay connects ‘internally’ to FirePlay so I could use localhost and not open up the port in my firewall?