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Bo Mellberg

@blamm wrote:

Hi Bo.

I would like to suggest a few cosmetic changes that would clean up the presentation a bit. Hope you don’t mind.

– Put the search box next to the progress bar rather than below it (perhaps put your “tag” in one line across the top right.
– Make the status bar and it’s border the same light blue color as the search box etc
– Make the songlist column dividers the same light blue colour as the border.
– Remove the songlist header gradient and make it one colour
– Make the “select” colour in the songlist the same dark blue as the “select” in the other windows .


All above is now implemented. The gradient removal was a bit tricky since it’s not set by a normal CSS-style. One thing that still bugs me is that the text of the first song is not automatically set to white when you click an album. If you click the song the text turns white. Very annoying.

Other new things are volumeslider and seek possibility, as suggested by Henrik. Also, the text in the search frame is now centered vertically 😛