Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly

Bo Mellberg

@pjlm wrote:

first of all this little gem works great on my PC!
i am trying to open it on an Archos media player which has some sort of opera on it –

The fireplay webpage opens but the flash boxes flash on and off and it never connects and allows me to play the music. possibly an old version of flash???

Is there anything i could do to get it to work because it would be very useful!
thanks 🙂
im using 0.63

This is one thing that really interests me. If we could get it to work on portable devices we could make a “handheld variant” of FirePlay. Then you could use your portable device as a “Sonos” remote (even though the Sonos system is really a lot more comprehensive).

Please everyone with handhelds, keep trying and come with suggestions on how to fix your problems.