Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


I have some requests and som bugs, most you are probably aware of and some are easily fixed, others not 😛

Anyways, here goes:

– Searchbox should be responsive to ‘Enter key’

– After search is completed, songs should be listed instead of me having to press an album (until the ‘show All (nnn) album’ is fixed, could you autoselect the first album? Or perhaps all of them automatically?

– Center the text you write in the search box

– Please make the windows bigger, for easier browsing. I for one would like the ‘Playlist’ to be taller.

– Center the swf to the middle of the homepage, both vertical and horisontal

– Would be nice to be able to spool in a song, by clicking on the progressbar

– Add a volume slider

– When I press a key the Artist window correctly goes to that key, but it would be nice that it worked like in iTunes where you can type eg. ‘TR’ then selected artist is ‘Tr***’ not ‘R*’

and thanks for a briliant add-on for mt-daapd 🙂