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Bo Mellberg

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Perhaps Ron can enlighten me (us) on how the music password is used during the rsp session?

Right now the permissions scheme on the stuff is kind of basic. The web namespace each has their own authentication handlers, and maps logons to roles.

Right now, there are two roles: admin and user

Accessing the /rsp namespace requires user role, /databases, /server-info, and the other related daap namespaces require user role, and everything else requires the admin role.

Probably the thing to do would be to have the player in a separate namespace (/fireplay/, maybe?) and I can set the role on that to be user only.

It will still require admin to modify playlists, though. Hopefully flash will be smart enough to prompt when asked for playlist modifying credentials.

That sounds like a plan. I’m not sure about the promt though. Right now it’s the webserver that handles the credentials. I think we’ll have to do that on a “try then fix”-basis. Perhaps we can pass them as:

http://user:[email protected]:3689/whatever...