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Bo Mellberg

@Iris wrote:

I’ve been testing the last couple of versions and I must say I’m impressed. If Ron gets other codecs to transcode to mp3 it’ll be hard to beat.

One thing that I haven’t read through all 18 pages was the login credentials being restricted to the admin password. I would of thought one could of just used the music sharing password. I’m not missing something am I?? I’d really like to see that so I could share my music with family.


I have never used the music password myself so I’m afraid I can’t help you. All I can thik of is:

If you don’t want to use the admin password, you can’t put FirePlay in the admin-root folder. It has to be outside, running on another web-server i presume (apache, cherokee…)

Perhaps Ron can enlighten me (us) on how the music password is used during the rsp session?