Reply To: FirePlay Flash client for FireFly


It’s working like a charm 🙂

Never would have guessed I’d be able to listen to my entire music collection while at work (using a tunnel through Putty).

Bo, there’s one thing high on my list of requests.
I’d like to know how eneryone feels about this.

Usually when I am listening to a song, I start browsing for something to listen to next. Currently this messes up the songlist-to-be-played, because there’s only one box showing songs on the ‘to be played’ list that immediately gets updated with the songs of the album you’re browsing through.

I am not sure what the solution should be tho. Maybe there should be a separate list of songs-to-be-played that gets populated when you hit an ‘Add Song’ or ‘Add Album’ button or something and a way to show the list that has been made.

Maybe that’s waaaay beyond what’s possible, I don’t know, but like I said, it’s high on my list 😀

Other than that, this app is just simply great, thanks for all the hard work so far!